Department of Fish Processing Technology and Microbiology

Department of Fish Processing Technology and Microbiology

Department of Fish Processing Technology and Microbiology is constituent department of College of Fisheries, Shirgaon, Ratnagiri. This Department is equipped with equipment’s like Texture Analyser, Colour Analyser, Spectrophotometer, Modified Atmospheric Packaging Machine, Kelplus Protein Estimation Instrument, and Soxhlet Apparatus.

The Main Objectives of Department of F.PTM

  • To conduct B. F. Sc., M.F.Sc and Ph.D. programs
  • To create technical man power for development of Fish Processing Industries
  • Quality Control for Fish and Shrimp Export and also domestic consumption To conduct various Research and Extension programs related Fish Processing Technology

The Department has well developed infrastructure facilities such as Smart Classroom, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Fish Processing Laboratories and Modular Kitchen for Fish Product Laboratory for Value Added Fish Products.

Courses offered B. F. Sc. (UG)

For Undergraduate total 21 credits (13+8) are offered during course period and 20 credits for Student ready programme

  • Fish in Nutrition
  • Food Chemistry
  • Freezing Technology
  • Fish Canning Technology
  • Fish Packaging Technology
  • Fish Products and Value Addition
  • Fish By-Products and Waste Utilization
  • Microbiology of Fish and Fishery Products
  • Quality assurance of Fish and Fishery Products

Courses offered M. F. Sc. (PG)

For Post graduates total 55 credits including course and research work during course period

  • Technology of Freezing and Storage
  • Applied Fish Biochemistry
  • Technology of Mince-based Fish Products
  • Thermal Processing of Fishery Products
  • Quality Assurance, Management and Certification
  • Handling, Storage and Transport of Fresh Fish
  • Additives In Fish Processing
  • Fish By-Products and Waste Utilization
  • Credit seminar

Courses offered for Ph. D

For Ph.D total 75 credits including course and Research work during course period

  • Biochemical Techniques in Fish Analysis
  • Functional Properties of Protein From Fin fishes & Shell fishes
  • Lipids in Aquatic Origin
  • Quality Management System
  • Microbial Hazards in Fish Processing
  • Credit seminar


Dr. Girish N. Kulkarni,

Professor & Head, Department of Fish Processing Technology,

College of Fisheries, (DBSKKV, Dapoli),
Shirgaon, Ratnagiri. Pin 415 629,
Maharashtra, India


Mobile: + 91 09422966006