In-Plant Training

In-plant training -students ready program

Name of the module Aquafarming
Structure of the module Orientation and survey of the aqua farming unit

Pre-stocking management - repairs and renovation work, biosecurity measures.

Pre-stocking management – pond bottom drying, fabrication of nets, cages etc.
Pre-stocking management –liming, manuring, Stocking management, seed acclimation, seed quality assessment, seed stocking, assessment of seed survival, Water quality management, Sampling, health assessment, feed management
Credits offered 20=0+20
Details of activities carried out in the module The students were placed to the industries located in the districts of Sindhdurg, Ratnagiri, Raigad, Thane areas for gaining the first-hand experience in aquafarming. The students were mainly involved in brackish-water shrimp farming, Reservoir cage culture, carp seed production and culture etc. The general outline of the work schedule performed by the students was as follows:
  • Orientation and placement
  • Sun drying
  • Eradication of predatory and weed fishes
  • Eradication of aquatic weeds
  • Pond sterilization
  • Ploughing, leveling
  • Liming / gypsum treatment of pond bottom
  • Water filling
  • Fertilization
Seed Stocking
  • Tests for selection of good quality seed
  • Source and transportation of seed stocking time and density
  • Size of stocking, acclimatization
  • Estimation of survival rate (using survival nets)
  • Pond management
  • Stock manipulation and management
  • Production and maintenance of natural food
  • Supplementary feeding-common feeds used, feeding schedule
  • Trouble indicators-health management
  • Chemicals and probiotics applications.
  • Use of aerators
  • Sampling for estimation of feed requirement
  • Growth and health condition
  • Harvesting and marketing
  • Days of culture, time of harvest, methods followed
  • Precautions considered to maintain quality of product
  • Methods of packing and transport, market outlets,
  • International quality standards for farmed products,
  • Cost- benefit analysis.
Module Post Harvest Technology
In-Plant training 1. Students are engaged in Fish Processing factories for actual In-Plant training/ Experience related different fish species and processing sections.
2. Total credits offered are 20.
3. Students are posted to work in processing plants, where they acquire knowledge about fish processing, surimi processing, handling and storage of raw material, quality control of raw and processed products, operation of processing, cold storage, shipment etc.