The Library of Fisheries College, Ratnagiri is one of the oldest and the best in the field of Fisheries in University. The library has a good collection of books, back volumes, pamphlets, reports, reprints, theses, annual reports, newsletters, bulletins etc.

College library is having a good number of book collections including text books, reference books and other collections, total collection of books are 12500, and every year library is subscribing 15 Indian journals in physical format, five online foreign journals. Library is having collection of reports, Newsletters and magazines etc. The college library has PG/Ph.D thesis 315

Books are procured on the basis of recommendations from the faculty and the students and the pattern of reading habits. Subscription of journals had taken the lion’s share of the budgetary allocations so far. However, it is with great difficulty a good number of international journals were subscribed to within the limited budget allocation with an act of balance though they were/are expensive. Thanks ICAR for giving to CeRa (Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture)

connectivity to the College; this has, to a very large extent, reduced the burden of subscription to expensive international journals. Even with limited funds, the library could get Rs.4.00 to 5.00 lakhs worth of books on various branches of fisheries including common interests on an average every year over the last five years.

Computer section is developed with 10 computers (with internet connection) for the purpose to access CeRA and online e-Journals. The library has maintained an one computer it used as a server for Library Software Management System and another one used as a terminal i.e. e-Kiosk for accessing OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). One more with internet connectivity is used for the office purpose - using it for all official matters related to procurement of books, letters correspondence, preparation of reports, locating resources online, etc.

A photocopier is available to the library users at nominal charges and one scanner is also available for the use of office works.

The library has been being made use of not only by the faculty and students of the College, but also by scholars, students, faculty of other institutions and the fish farmers as well. The access to information and materials has been partly manual. However, OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) system has been introduced for an easy catalogue search by installing Library software Management System (SLIM 21) nearly eight years ago.. More than 160 journals related to fisheries are already made available online through CeRA (Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture), also other open access journals which could be of use are also planned to be made available.

It is proposed to make the library fully automated in the years to come and the better the earlier by using KOHA software which is an ICAR made mandatory to apply in all universities.

Contact Details

Mrs. Manisha G Sawant (Assistant Librarian)


Mobile: 9421229459 / 7028809459